Eastern Ontario District Soccer Association


Filling a complaint

The EODSA is the Governing Body for Soccer in Eastern Ontario.

Member organizations and their respective members, staff, and officials must abide by the Ontario Soccer Code of Conduct and Ethics (the code)

In the instance where you feel that an organization or individual has violated the code you have the right to file a complaint.  The complaint must be submitted in writing.

What must be included in a complaint:

  • Contact information of Complainant (you)
  • Respondent name and contact information (the person accused of a Code violation)
  • Section(s) of the Code of Conduct and Ethics that have been violated
  • All evidence to support claim (emails, videos, witness statements etc.)
  • Requested remedy/sanction (what do you want to see happen)

Complaints can be sent to our Complaints Administrator.

What happens next?

  1. If there are pieces missing from the complaint, we will ask you to submit them
  2. The complaint will be reviewed to ensure that:​
    • It has been submitted within the 14-day time limit (the Complaints Administrator may, at their discretion, remove the limit
    • The EODSA has jurisdiction in the case
    • The complaint falls within the Code
  3. A sanction(s), if any, based on the Code will be determined
  4. A determination whether an immediate suspension is required pending case decision will be made
  5. Both the Complainant and the Respondent will receive the full complaint, code violation decision, along with the Request for Reconsideration form which either party can submit
  6. If no Request for Reconsideration is submitted, both parties and their respective Clubs will receive a summary of the case
  7. If either party submits a Request for Reconsideration, a Case Manager will be appointed to proceed with the case
  8. Further information will be provided to both parties at that point

In the event that your complaint is related to an EODSA staff member please send the complaint to the EODSA President.

In the event that your complaint is related to an EODSA Board member or the EODSA as an organization please send the complaint to Ontario Soccer.

Click here to see our Complaints Process Flowchart


Complaint Forms

You may use this Complaint Form to send your complaint to the EODSA.  It is not a requirement, you can simply send an email to our complaints@eodsa.ca.  However, make sure to include all of the information listed on our 'Filing a Complaint' page.

This form is to be used by either the Complainant or the Respondent to Request a Reconsideration of a Current Complaint